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Armed Forces Museum, Alton, IL.


CFB Borden Military Museum, Borden, Ontario.


Heartland Museum of Military Vehicles - Lexington, Nebraska.


Military Museum, in Austria.




Military Veterans Museum Oshkosh, Wisconsin.


Newcastle Military Vehicle Museum, Newcastle, UK.


NY Military Museum and Veterans Research Center.


The American Society of Military History, Military Vehicle Museum, El Monte, CA.


The Showrooms of the National Museum of Military History, Luxembourg.


The Veterans Memorial Museum, Huntsville, AL.


U. S. ARMY ORDNANCE MUSEUM, Aberdeen Proving Ground, Aberdeen, MD.


VGCA - Virginia Museum of Military Vehicles.





MV Clubs:


1st Iowa Calvary, MV Club in Iowa.


AMVCC Homepage, MV Club in AZ.


Arrowhead Chapter of the MVPA, Texas MV Club.


Connecticut Military Vehicle Collectors Club.




Dixie Division Military Vehicles Club in AL.


First Florida Chapter Military Vehicle Preservation Association.


Gateway Military Historical Society, MV Club in St Louis, MO.


Georgia Military Vehicle Preservation Association.




Green Mountain Military Vehicle Club (GMMVC), MV Club in VT.


Maple Leaf Up, A group of Canadians that perserve Military Vehicles.


Medway Military Vehicles Group, MV Club in UK.


Military Transport Association of Northern New Jersey, MV Club in NJ.


Military Vehicle Collectors Society of SA, MV Club in Australia.


MVCC, Military Vehicle Collectors of California, MV Club in CA.


MVPA Web Site.


M.V.T. British MV Club.


NC Military Vehicles Preservation Club.


Newcastle Military Vehicle Museum, Newcastle, UK.


QMVG, Queensland Military Vehicle Group Inc, Australian MV Club.


Quad Cities Military Vehicle Preservation Association, MV Club in IA.


Railsplitters, Missouri Re-enactors Group.


Red River Valley Military Vehicle Preservation & Historical Club. Denison, TX.


The Merrimack Valley Military Vehicle Collectors, Weare, New Hampshire.


The Military Vehicle Owners of Orange County. MV Club in CA.


Tired Iron Military Vehicle Club. MV Club in TN.


Western Command, MV Club in British Columbia, Canada.


WWII Military Vehicles (Mons, Belgian Group).







Military Vehicles & Parts For Sale:


Adirondac Dodge, Parts for MVs.


ALS - Military Truck Parts.


Army Jeep Parts Inc., Vehicles for sale both Military and Civilian.


ASSI, Willys Jeep replacement Parts, international mail order company.


D&L Bensinger Military Vehicle Parts and Restoration.


Boyce Equipment, Axles and Military Parts For Sale.


Carleton Automotive. Surplus vehicles & parts For Sale.


Clark Truck Parts, MVs & parts For Sale.


Classic Military Automotive, MV's For Sale & Restoration Service.


Cold War Remarketing. Specializes in the Importation, Federalization, Sale and Support of Cold War era European and Communist Block vehicles.


Commando Dog Tags, Military Vehicles for Sale.


Craig Crittenden Surplus Sales, MVs & parts For Sale.


DC Trucks Homepage, Power Wagon parts & info.


Don Pino Military Vehicles For Sale.


DUKW, Chicago DUKW Corporation. DUKWs & parts For Sale.


Ericksons Truck N Parts, MV trucks & parts For Sale.


Five Star Military Vehicles, MVs & parts For Sale., Jeep parts & info.


Government Liquidation, LLC, Does auctions for military/government/DOD surplus., Garys HalfTracks, Parts & MVs For Sale.


Heavy Motors, MV Trucks & parts For Sale.


I-10 Surplus, MVs & parts For Sale.


iap, Military Parts and Equipment For Sale.


Idaho Motor Pool. Com, MVs & parts For Sale.




Kublos Military Surplus, MVs & parts For Sale.


Mike Lewis Enterprises, WC 63 & other stuff For Sale.


M3 Halftrack Fighting Iron: Military Vehicle Restoration, Service & Sales.


Mac Motors, Military Vehicle and Humvee HMMWV Parts and Postal Jeep For Sale.


MDJuan Enterprises, Inc, Jeep parts, Phillipines.


Memphis Equipment, MVs & parts.


Midwest Military, MVs & parts For Sale.


Military Aircraft (Yakity Yak, Inc) Russian Aircraft For Sale.


Military Logistics Mfg : Military Vehicles for Sale.


MILITARY MULES, M274, Info, Mules & parts For sale.


Military Vehicle Parts Dealers, Links & addresses.


Military Surplus Vehicles (From Fourwheeler Mag).


MILITARY TRUCKS.COM. Military vehicles & parts For Sale.


Military Vehicle Dealers - Manufacturers - Parts Rentals, links page.




Military Vehicle Marketplace, ton to 2 ton military vehicles For Sale.


Military Vehicle Sales and Appraisal Service, David W. Uhrig.


Military Vehicles Specialties, LLC. A Humvee, 4x4 offroad vehicles, parts For Sale.




Milweb - marketplace for Jeeps Tanks Military vehicles,services and equipment.


Montana Military Broker.


Motorcycle Boys, Military Vehicles for Sale.


MSR Reproductions, American & German WW II repos For Sale.


Murray, TW, MV's & parts For Sale, also eBay auctions.


M.V. SPARES, WW II Jeep & H.D.'s For Sale, and Parts.


MV Stuff For Sale (Links Page).


MVP, Sells Rubber parts for MVs & offers restoration service.


NATIONAL SUPPLY (British Armor For Sale).


Northwoods Power Wagons & Construction Equipment. (Going Out Of Business Sale) 12/02/04, MV's & parts For Sale.


Old Neat Stuff, MVs & parts & other old trucks For Sale.


Owens Export Service - Military Jeep's, Military Vehicles and Surplus.


Pinzgauer Sales, German military trucks For Sale.


Powder River Ordnance Depot Home Page. Specializing In WW II Truck parts.


Radiostore, Military radio Sales & parts & info.


RAPCO Parts Company. MV parts & paints For Sale.


Ron Cobb. Ex Military Vehicles For Sale, UK.


Sarafan Truck & Equipment Inc. - Specializing in military vehicles and hard to find parts.


Saturn Surplus, MV parts For Sale.


SECO Incorporated. One-stop shop for military equipment, spare parts and accessories for all tactical wheeled and tracked vehicles.


Second Armored Productions, WW II Jeep parts.


Schott Enterprises - Hummer Military Transport Vehicles for Sale.


Shadetree Recyclers, Military Vehicle Parts and Surplus For Sale.


South Boston Surplus, sales of government & military surplus equipment.


Staman International Trading - Army Trucks and Parts. In Belgium.


Steel Soldiers - Military Vehicles Supersite, Trucks & parts For Sale.


Supersonic Inc. Parts Product Categories List.


Surplus City, Jeep Parts - Tires and Military Spec. Paint.


Swiss Army Military Surplus Vehicles For Sale. Pinzgauer 712M for Sale.


The Last OutPost, International MV Broker.


The Motor Pool, Place in Gettysburg, PA that sells MVs & parts.


Tomlin`s Militaria and Collectibles, MV parts & tires For Sale.


Trader John's , Outpost, MVs & parts For Sale.


Trail Town Equipment - MVParts & Tires.


Unimog Exchange, Unimog trucks & parts For Sale.


USAPART.COM -Spare Parts for Military Equipment.


Vehicles of Victory (WW II Chevys), Info & Sale of trucks.


Vintage Power Wagons-- Your Source for Dodge Power Wagon Parts and Trucks!


WALCK'S 4WD (Jeep & Willys Parts).


WEEBEE WEBBING Products Page, MV Canvas products.


Welcome to Vintage Military Locator Service. MV Trucks & parts For Sale.


Sam Winer Motors, Truck Parts Equipment Parts Military Truck Parts.


WW2surplus (WW2SURPLUS.COM), MV Trucks & parts For Sale.


Joe Young Military Vehicles. MVs & parts For Sale.






MV Info:


3/4 Dodges Info & ID on WW II MV's.


Ton Command Car Info Page.


Achtung Panzer! - Military Links !


ACKWX. The Jimmy's Ancestry:




Army Manuals in BSIR: Appendix A: Title Listing.


BEAUTY and the BEAST Home Page, The history and restoration of three CMPs.




Colin Stevens, Canadian military & vehicle history.


Dan Parmley Jr. Military Vehicle Data Plates.


Dodge MV info from


Don Evans Power Giant Page. Info on Dodge Power Giants.


Flatfenders.Com for the restoration and rebuilding of flatfender jeeps.


Fleet Data Co., Military Vehicles - photographs and information.




How I Got Started with Military Dodges.


Info on Army Ambulances (WC 54) of WW II.


Israeli Military Vehicles - The First 50 Years 1948-1998 Review.


Jane's Defence Information Group. Information & Stats for Anything Military.


JED Homepage, Pictures of MV's.


Ken's Muttpage. Info for the M151.


Links (From a M37 Owner).


Jacques Littlefield Military Vehicle Collection.


M29c Weasel.Org. Support For Weasel Owners.


M38 Restoration Project Costs.


M151, MuttMotorpool, M151 info.




Marmon-Herrington military vehicles.


M-Series Rebuild and Repower CUMMINS DIESEL engine for DODGE M37, M37B1, M43.


Military 1/4 Ton Trucks Information.


Military Factory - Free Online Military Weapons Reference Website.


MILITARY MEDIA INC..We put manuals on CD-ROM!


MILITARY PARADE (Magazine Dealing With Russian Equip).


Military Vehicles (Collector In NH).


Military Vehicles Insurance Page.


Military Vehicles Posting Board Forum from VMag and Military Vehicle Digest.


Mvuk (Mil Veh Mag From UK).


Patrik Norqvist's Military Links.


Olive-Drab Military Information Resource.


P O W E R  W A G O N   Page. Info On Dodge Power Wagons.


Power Wagons Plus.


Practical military vehicles (Danish Military Vehicle Coll).


Sno-Cat Info Page.


Stefan Alln's Nordic Military Vehicles.




T137 Dodge Power Wagons. Info & Registration for PWs., MV Rental Service in VA.


The M715Zone... Where M715s Have A Loving Home.


The WW II Dodge Site.


Ugly Trucking , Power Wagon upgrade info page.




Vintage Video Productions, Authentic MV Films on tape.


WC 54 Military Ambulance site. Info, pictures, links & contacts.


Weed Collections, MV Manuals.


WW2 Dodge Motor Pool, Info on WW II Dodges.


World War II military vehicles (ENYGMA GRAPHICS) Pictures of WW II vehicles.






Surplus Stores:


Army Surplus Warehouse., Links to Contractors.


Coleman's Military Surplus, Army Surplus Store.


GI Military Surplus - The Southeast's Online Military Surplus Headquarters.


IMS-PLUS military surplus, army surplus, survival, & more!


Kiwi Disposals, Surplus store in New Zeland.


K-Tech Aviation, Airgraft parts Wholesaler.


Lost Battalions Homepage, Uniforms for WW II re-enactors.


Military Logistics Manufacturers, Inc. - Military, Police, Equipment, Clothing.


Sams Surplus, The Home Of The Alleycat Conversion Kit, Turn your truck into a Hummer.


Surplus Military Boats, Subs & Aircraft For Sale.


Trident Military Camouflage, Uniforms, Badges, Medals, Boots, Patches.






MV Tires:


Classic Tire Co. - A Division of Midwest Car Exchange, MV tires.


Coker Tire Company. MV tires For Sale.


Dornit Enterprises, Corp., Wheels, Tires & Tracks for MVs.


TITAN - Military Tires For Sale.


Wallace Wade, Vintage Tires For Sale.





Misc Military Items:


2nd Armored, Re-enactment Group in CA.


Army Radio Sales Co. Home.


BMG, Parts & Accessories (Browning Machine Guns).


CMP-Resource, Decal templates for all military vehilce tac markings.


Extreme Off Road Equipment.


Irac Inc, Makers of Replica & Simulated Fire guns for MVs.


Mac Replicas, Replica Firearms For Sale.


Military-Graphics Decals Stickers Medals Awards Insignia Vinyl Graphics.


Rick Larsen Stencils Home Page. MV Markings.


Russian Military Adventures: Tanks, Small Arms, Military Aviation., MV Rental Service in VA.


United Armor - Bullet Resistant Glass, Bulletproof Glass, Armored Panels.


Woods Custom Guns LTD (Replicas).











Dodge Truck Links.