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The Chicago Area And Northern Illinois Military Vehicle Collectors Club is a not for profit military vehicle collectors club. We serve the entire Chicago Metropolitan area as well as the Northern part of Illinois. We welcome members from all areas who wish to join us.
Membership is open to all who share an interest in military vehicles. You do not have to own a vehicle to join.
The club participates in parades, shows, swap meets, re-enactments and other similar events.
We publish a monthly newsletter called Tactical News to keep members informed of club events. There is also a For Sale / Wanted section. Ads are FREE to all (even non-members may place adds for FREE) as long as they are some how related to military vehicles.
We meet the second Tuesday of every month, 7:00 PM.
Our goal is to restore and preserve our military vehicles and keep them running. Our club strength comes from us pulling together and sharing knowledge along with resources.
We have technical advisors for various types of vehicles to aid in "correct" restorations as well as providing solutions for common and some times not so common problems that pop up with these vehicles.
We try to keep current with most parts suppliers as to who may specialize with certain vehicles, who is good to deal with and who to watch out for.
If you don't have the military vehicle of your dreams yet we will help you find it and keep it running.
Chicago Area And Northern Illinois
Military Vehicles Collectors Club
No Club bulletins at this time......... See you at the next meeting ........ The second Tuesday of every Month 7:00PM............
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Chicago Area And Northern Illinois Military Vehicle Collectors Club
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